Who wants to read a shitty webcomic?

If you’re looking for another shitty webcomic on the web (there are thousands of terrible ones already, but maybe you’re bored of comics about videogames), here is “CreationWise”, hosted by one the Mecca of idiocy, AnswersinGenesis.com.

The comic is your standard creationist fare: the Bible is infallible, God is great, and science changes too often to be trustworthy. OK, let’s play their little game and test out their claim that the Bible is a great guide to living one’s life. I randomly opened the Bible and found this infallible passage in Deuteronomy, chapter 13 verse 6-9:

If thy brother..thy son, or thy daughter of the wife of thy bosom…entice thee secretly, saying “Let us go and serve other gods…thou shalt surely kill him, thine hand shall be the first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all people.”

So, if your family tries to convert you to another religion, you know what to do now! Wow, isn’t religion amazing?

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    Its amazing how they can justify the beating of guys, witches, and women and most of what is before and after is ignored as not relavant today. The ironey and hypocracy makes the stupid burn so bright.

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    I’m not sure what a “borther” is, but I would probably have to kill one if it convinced me to follow after another god…

    The verse you mentioned was said in the midst of a pagan culture that promoted laying your babies on bronze statues and burning them to death. God was protecting the vast majority of Israel by condemning to death the few who would follow false Idols.

    We quarantine those with extremely contagious and deadly diseases in America to prevent them spreading to the rest of the population. In a sense that’s what God was doing.

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    Let’s be honest Jake, you found this on cracked.com. I decided to subscribe to it because I feel like my life is lacking insanity right now; this webcomic fills that void.

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    The bible is biased. Therefore not a reliable source on a theory of Earth Origins.

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    Yep, try to convert me from HOLY CHRIST and i will break two ten commandment to KILL MY PARENTS!!!!

    Its amazing how contradictory the fundamentals of Christianity are to allow for religious intolerance and conflict.The higher dogmatic bureacracy brainwashes people,to brainwash others,and quote a “true book” from the brainwashing to make the brainwashing and intolerance justified.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Jedi, you must be a Christian. No one else thinks that genocide is really all that great.

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    Steven Fowler

    Jedi, if your brief and supposed historical refutation stands true, I still don’t understand why that made it into the Bible. Is it necessary to know to live your life? There are SO MANY pages of meaningless garbage in the Bible (especially the Old Testament).

    A site URL like MeaningsInGenesis.com says it all and appeals to a somewhat small group of people (fundamentalists, young earth creationists etc.) Not a very good way to popularize your comic, in my opinion!

    I’m so sick of Christians using simplistic and dumbed-down comparisons to try and get around science. This comic of comparing a soldier to the origins of the earth reaffirmed that.

    I hold the opposite view of this site in that I think science wouldn’t be trustworthy if it DIDN’T change very often. Scientific method, anyone?

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    Hmmm… interesting words to sum up the bible.

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    I know I’m 7 years too late but did anyone notice the rather archaic nature of the soldiers equipment?

    even if the scientist was from the 19th century, the christian would still be bringing a knife to a gunfight.

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