I’m color blind!

Here is a website that wants to “brighten” your day by showing you a bunch of doctored photoshopped images and claiming your ability to see in color is the work of a divine creator. Never mind the fact about 8 percent of the male population is color blind (it’s significantly lower for women); why the hell does anyone think looking at a bunch of pictures will convince anyone there is a God? It seems absent from this slideshow is all the colorful ways nature tries to kill us; I didn’t see any infected limbs, diseased genitalia, or volcano pouring hot lava on unsuspecting villagers. If you credit him with the good, you can’t ignore the bad.

So go and have a good laugh at just how crummy this site actually is.

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    Shouldn’t someone tell them that many animals can actually see a greater range of colours than us, being able to sense into the ultraviolet. So we can’t even see the full range of beauty that a sparrow can.

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    Don’t forget bees! There are patterns on flowers that only bees can see. Why would god deprive us of such beauty? Not to mention that there are tons of animals that can hear frequencies that we can’t, or feel the most minute vibrations that would go completely unnoticed by us. If god created us so perfectly, why are animals superior to us in those respects?

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    So, god loves me because I can see in color? That is perhaps the weakest argument I’ve heard yet . . .

    And is my ability to see color supposed to make up for all the death, disease, war, destruction, etc . . .?

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    Hahahaha. That was good for a laugh first thing in the morning. So if “god” gave us colour vision and the person responsible for this horse-shit is full of, erm, the spirit of said god, why did he or she feel the need to ramp up the vibrancy and contrast of the images. Is he or she somehow deficient in colour vision?

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    Steven Fowler

    What a feeble attempt that site makes! On top of what was said about other animals having a wider range of colors, smells, frequencies etc., what we see is obviously relative and restricted by our senses. If, hypothetically, all the colors we could see are shades of gray, then that would be “beauty” to the creator of that site.

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    His Royal Oddness

    You know, this “slideshow” reminded me of a funny old quote I read somewhere (don’t remember by whom).

    “I wish there was a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence. There is one called ‘Brightness’ but it doesn’t seem to work.”

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    Many, many years ago some friends and I were indulging, and one of them came up a profound revelation. “Just think if there were no color, how much you’d miss it”. Even while stoned, it sounded incredibly dumb to the rest of us.

    I had no idea that a comment made by a stoner would eventually become a website, and an argument for god.

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