Hitchens vs D’Souza

In case you’ve never heard of Dinish D’Souza, he’s an Indian born Roman Catholic and staunch conservative. This guy wrote a book claiming the political left was partially responsible for the attacks of 9/11. Most major American newspapers called his book, The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and its Responsibility for 9/11 one of the worst nonfiction books on terrorism and a national disgrace. You’ll be happy to know he gets completely destroyed by Hitchens here, so enjoy the debate. All the videos are available after the jump:

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    Is there a summary somewhere? Or a clip-show version? I don’t have 8 hours to listen to two assholes (is Hitchens at least sober for this one?) go over the same 3 arguments over and over. (God is awesome! Prove it! I don’t haveta!)

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    Alex (the defiant skeptic)

    @Jemaleddin You would do well to listen to the debate rather than making baseless pronouncements and showing your own biases.

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    I just watched it, the first exposure I’ve really had to Hitchens and D’Souza and I can say that I understand people’s respect for Hitchens and I also can understand people’s disdain for D’Souza. It’s kind of like watching Stephen Hawking argue theoretical physics with an astrologist.

    For those posters lacking the attention span to watch a debate (by the way, 10 minutes times 13 videos does not equal 8 hours ;D), your loss I guess. I’d say I hope you have more constructive things to do with your time, but I have to contest that posting snotty comments about a debate you didn’t watch is in any way constructive.

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    Dinish thoroughly, repeatedly and consistently disgusts me.

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    a) I’ve watched plenty of these debates in the past – what I want to know is if there’s anything new that these guys are adding to the discussion or if they’re rehashing the same tired arguments. So far, two people claim to have watched it, but are too busy making assumptions about me to actually say anything helpful or constructive. Nice.

    b) Seriously, is Hitchens sober this time? That guy starts drinking EARLY in the day.

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    His Royal Oddness

    @Jemaleddin, haven’t you learned yet? Hitchens is invariably at his very best when he’s trashed.

    Seriously, no one is going to bother summarizing the whole thing for you. There’s bound to be some repeated stuff here and there, which I guess is unavoidable when two “assholes” meet and debate. If you can’t work up enough interest to watch the whole thing then I guess you’re just… well… not interested enough.


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    I wanted to hear the rest of the question that the forensic specialist was trying to ask in minute 7 of part 12. Bastards!

    @jemaladdin , The reason they rehash the same old argument is simply because the Christian opponent always uses the same old circular, narrow and tired rebuttal. It’s all they’ve got. Have you got something better?

    If you don’t want people making assumptions about you, then I suggest not acting like another douchebag without a cause. Poor baby.

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    Watched the whole thing, was only going to watch the first couple of parts but i got hooked.

    D’souza is a waste of oxygen. His DELIBERATE idiocy makes me sick.

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