Benny Hinn exposed!

Preachers like Benny Hinn are not new. Throughout history, there have always been preachers, shamans and showmen who have manipulated people, taking their hard earned money in return for a glimmer of hope. Are we really surprised by this type of behavior anymore? You can try to take Benny “down”, but he’d just be replaced by the next wolf in sheep’s clothing. The real solution is to educate people and to stop them from becoming sheep in the first place.

I didn’t know there was a hotel room in Montreal that had a piano that played itself. That sounds AWESOME!

(props to Proud Atheist for the find)

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    Room number 9001?!

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    You hit it dead on…
    ‘The real solution is to educate people and to stop them from becoming sheep in the first place.’

    I kind of admire the con artist. There ability to get stupid people ( ya i’m an ass or more properly ‘fundamentalist athiest’ or is it ‘militant athiest’ – asshole is probably closer.) to get their money is truely amazing.
    Actually I use them as an indicator. The larger the audience the larger the number of stupid people. When their audience starts decreasing (ya right) I’ll know we’re winning

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    It’s bizarre that this loser was brought up in a conversation I had today,( without TGA’s influence) and I made my case that he is a douchebag. I remember his suggested donations were like $200 to $1200 because his camera equipment was literally falling apart as he said.

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    Peter Popoff was caught redhanded and merely took a leave of absence for a short period of time. Came back and there were victims flocking to him again in no time. Those that prey upon peoples hopes and fears are the worst of our society IMO. And these sorts are the worst of the bunch. Not only do they sell false hope but they impede people from seeking actual help.

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    It’s legal to kill WOLVES…

    One Gun…One Bullet…Good Aim…THE END!

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    I have always wanted to travel the world in a private jet, stay in luxurious hotels, and own a large mansion and drive nice cars…

    So you’re telling me all I have to do is start a mega-ministry?


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    The sad thing is, exposing these guys NEVER DOES ANYTHING.
    Randy fucked Peter Popoff up the ass live on national TV, and as bad as that was,
    the uncut tapes were much, much worse, and he’s still in business.
    Marjoe ( )showed every trick in the book back in 74, won a fucking Oscar, and people still don’t learn.

    Dumb people will be dumb.

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