Nigeria is still messed up

Continuing our coverage of the messed up situation in Nigeria, here is a video care of Unreasonable Faith showing a mob of Christians faithful to Helen Ukpabio disrupting a humanist conference. The main issue they were going to discuss was the huge problem of abused children suspected of “witchcraft”.

The humanists (dressed in white) try in vain to calm everyone down, but in the end they can just sit and watch as these nutjobs yell, scream and jump around like wild animals. At minute 1:26, they attack one of the peaceful humanists, breaking his glasses and stealing a bag containing his camera and cell phone. How Christ-like of them, no?

Children in Nigeria are being tortured and killed over this superstitious nonsense, and meanwhile, monsters like Helen Ukpabio are making a small fortune from their ignorant and violent flock. I admire all of the corageous Nigerian men and women who fight against this terrible religiosity, especially in light of such terrible odds.

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    The fact that a humanist movement exists in Nigeria is a huge step in the right direction. I’m confident the fundies will not win this battle. It may take a while but they’ll eventually be outed for what they are.

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