Who wants to buy a Creationist Theme Park?

If you’ve never heard of Ken Hovind, then allow me to relieve your ignorance. My friend Jeff practically had an obsession with the guy, and I’ve watched hours of videos of this creationist moron trying to prove the Earth is only a few thousand years old. Kent had a Creationist Amusement park for a while, but he failed to pay any taxes for a decade (he claimed he was employed by God, and therefore exempt from taxes), and as a result, the IRS threw his sorry ass in jail.

After years of limbo, a federal judge has finally cleared the government to seize the property in order to sell it. That means any enterprising person with half a million dollars to spare can become the proud owner of “Dinosaur Adventure Land”. If you’re not sold on the idea, just check out their winning sales pitch taken directly from their site:

DAL is not an amusement park, for “amuse” means “to not think,” and we want people to think. Rather, it is an amazement park. Come and stand amazed at the truths of the Creator and Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.

Yes, clearly there’s a lot of thinking going on in a Creationism theme park, and now you to can own this steaming pile of ignorance for the low price of $430,000, and be intellectually dishonest to children for generations to come!

(props to Dr. Death for the find)

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    ali-g owns Mr. Hovind in this segment on science

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    Actually, if I had the money, I’d love to buy the thing, rip out the god bits and make it a scientific theme park. That would really but the crap out of him, I think. Mwahahaha!

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    I was going to suggest the same thing! But in addition to this I’d use some of my left over money to hire noted scientists versed in Evolution and Paleontology to give guided tours to kids, video tape the whole thing, and then send it to Kent in jail as part of a care package. Who knows, maybe he’d actually learn something. 😉

    I honestly wish I had the money for this, after I fixed it of course, as I’d love to take my two young nieces to a scientifically accurate place like that. I took the oldest to this roving exhibit a few years ago, http://news.therecord.com/Life/article/367677 she had a blast.

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