Some justice for Kara.

A few months ago I wrote a post about Kara Newman, an 11 year old girl who died because her parents refused to seek medical help to treat her Type 1 diabetes. The parents were on trial for reckless homicide, and I had hoped some justice would be found in light of the suffering this poor little girl went through before her untimely death. With another neglectful family being aquitted of the death of their baby, it wasn’t looking too good.

I can happily report, however, that both parents have been found guilty. It seems the jury was less than moved by the family’s piety, and their lack of aversion to technology (they sent emails to their ministry asking for prayer, which makes you wonder what kind of “science” these morons are opposed to).

It doesn’t bring poor little Kara back, but it does send a pretty clear message to “Christian Scientists” who think their religion allows them the freedom to neglect the medical care of their children. Of course, even though we won this battle, we certainly haven’t won the war

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