Is atheism an intolerant belief? It’s not a belief at all!

I know I don’t need to point out atheism isn’t actually a system of belief, but I would like to point out that the interviewer has obviously already made up his mind by telling other people that their own beliefs have no basis in reality is the height of intolerance. It’s like watching a bunch of grown men act like babies. And as usual, the old canard that faith is all you need to believe is the weakest position any human can have regarding as important a question as: is there a God.

Sorry to burst your theological bubble guys, but the last time your religions were in power, life fucking sucked for everyone. Stop pretending you’re the good guys and we’re the baddies. I haven’t condemned anyone to an eternity of torture for not believing in what I do.

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    This debate actually took place in my hometown (go York! :P), and I’m happy there are so many rational people included in the debate. I do hate it when religious people complain about intolerance though, because religious texts almost exclusively preach just that. And for the record I’ve never met what would be described as a ‘militant’ atheist, (why do they use that word anyway? To become a ‘militant’ in a religious sense I’d have to blow something up…) so someone who actively goes out and argues with people of belief. And I find it funny that if I went out, as an atheist on the streets and started talking about how there was no God I would be called a pest, I’d be called intolerant, I’d be told I’m going to hell, Id be told I was offensive and would probably be politely told to move on by the police.

    But If I walk into town now there will always be several religious groups handing out stuff and talking about the ‘word of god’ so why is it acceptable for them to actively go out and talk to people about changing their beliefs and going door to door. But as an atheist, if i do anything beyond sitting around on my hands saying ‘believe what you want’ I’m suddenly a ‘militant’? I know quite a few religious people who have told me I’m going to hell, and what did I do? When they asked what church I went to I said I was an atheist and didn’t believe in a God or gods then they had the nerve to lecture me on religion/morality but when I try to get a word in edgeways I’m being ‘offensive’ and ‘intolerant’…

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    After watching the second video, I really need to make another point about one of the religious people confusing ‘secular’ and ‘atheist’ as the same thing. And saying the idea that public spaces/debate should be secular was intolerant. Atheism is the lack of beleif in a God/Gods, secularism is simply the idea that government/public debate/laws should not have any basis in religion, and what’s wrong with that? I wouldn’t accept a new law that said ‘Don’t do X and Y because there isn’t a God’ because that isn’t secular either. A secular society is one that makes decisions based on evidence/observations and deduces ideas for law from these without the basis of religion/non-religion. However it’s not really a coincidence that more atheists share the idea that society should be secular, and religious people think it shouldn’t be because it’s almost exclusively the religious people who think that you can base current law on 2000 year old texts.

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    i wish we had radio hosts like James O’brien.

    (the one whose answer was chopped between the 2 videos.

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    Is this a regular show or was it a special?

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    Reverend What’s-his-name with the glasses wants religion in classrooms? Shall they start with Scientology, then? Or Wicca? Oh wait, he only meant his religion, didn’t he? Hypocrite.

    I had that very same Communism conversation about five times this week with Christians. It’s like they have a script. The bit about atheists being responsible for everything Red Shirt doesn’t like about secular society was new, though.

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    Atheists are playing the ‘victom card’ here …… anytime ‘anyone’ tries to enlighten another person on ‘what to believe or not believe’ is wrong and tyranical.

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