I know what book I’m reading next

Ok, I just found the next book I’m reading: The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power (it’s not very space efficient, but what can you do?) It sounds a little conspiracy theory “ish”, but I cannot deny the fact that I’m infinitely curious to know what he has to say.

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    I saw this guy first on Maddow’s show. If even a sliver of what he says is true it’s pretty fucking scary.

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    Thanks! I just added it to my amazon wishlist. I just finished reading Atheist Universe (very good) and now I’m on to reading Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ. An old jesus freak friend dared me to read it and she swears it will make me repent and accept Jesus… LOL. I had a hard time typing that with a straight face.

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    in case you’ve never heard of or read it, ‘god is not great: how religion poisons everything’ by christopher hitchens is an excellent read as well.

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    Daniel V

    #bee: ‘god is not great’ is certainly a fantastic read (the book Hitchens has been writing his whole life, according to him) but I’d reccomend Sam Harris’ “Letter to a Christian Nation”. Barely 100 pages, it’s the most devastating (and quotable) case against Christianity and its pernicious effect I’ve come across.

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    Anna Renee

    It seems that folks are confusing human religion with God. God is not equivalent to human religion, including Christianity. No wonder people are choosing atheism! God is far above the human construct of religion. God created and blessed us with our minds, how can He then be relegated to religion? This is how so many broken hearted “X-Christians” are birthed! God has told us in the Bible (His inspired Word) to humble ourselves, and until we do just that, we will continue to be confused and frustrated and angry at everything wicked thing we see happening in this world! God has already overcome the world through Jesus! Amen!

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    Anna Renee, you know, many people choose atheism because they find no evidence to prove the existence of God. I know that was the case for me. And it wasn’t through a lack of trying: 25 years of Christianity, 5 years of Paganism (I thought adding MORE gods might up my chances of finding one that would hear me.) It’s not as if all atheists are broken-hearted ex-religious; a great many atheists never had religion in the first place. While I won’t deny that some atheists are out-and-out angry at religion, it’s not the sole reason people begin to call themselves atheists. So it’s pretty narrow-minded of you to suggest that we all just “open our hearts” to some invisible man in the sky since we don’t believe he exists. I know, personally, I am much happier with my life as an atheist. As a religious person, when my prayers went unanswered, I couldn’t help but feel worse than scum because obviously I wasn’t worthy of God listening to me. As an atheist, worthiness becomes a non-issue. Life is life and there is no such thing as sin. That is so liberating.

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    Bastard Soap

    Anna that is just a cop out, how can you know that this isn’t the exact state of religion which god wishes for? Don’t you say god works in mysterious ways?

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