Christians burned alive in Pakistan

A small Christian village was attacked by thousands of angry Muslims in Pakistan, and among the dead was a 7 year old child. Local religious leaders enticed their young Muslim followers to murder after it was reported that an important Christian leader had defiled the Koran. Armed with guns and fire bombs, the group set fire to a number of houses. While many Christians managed to escape, some were caught in the fire and burned to death.

This is perhaps what separates most atheists from our religious counter-parts: this kind of act disgusts us. I may not like Christianity, but what I hate more is the senseless killing of innocent lives, regardless of their creed. We distrust religion because it gives absolute power to the corrupt and vile; preachers and imams who fuel the fires of hatred, and command their flock to murder.

And at the end of the day, what the fuck are these idiots fighting over? It’s obvious that without the strong influence of Enlightenment values, religions still war with another over the most trivial issues. Way to prove that peace and religion are still incompatible! Couldn’t have made a better case myself

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    I’m agnostic but read your blog because I mostly share your disdain for organized religion. It’s generally pretty awesome but I’d just like to say that I found this statement absolutely ridiculous:

    “This is perhaps what separates most atheist from our religious counter-parts: this kind of act disgusts us.”

    As if this massacre doesn’t disgust the vast majority of Muslim people in the world? I think most Christians/Muslims/Jews/whatever are regular people that don’t support the “senseless killing of innocent lives.”

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    I have to disagree. When the doctor who performed abortions was gunned down outside a church just recently, there were MANY religious people actually thanking God for his death. And I know many conservatives who preach “kill them all” attitudes after 9/11. Sadly, even my parents had that viewpoint.

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    Bastard Soap

    Marissa I have heard of no fucking muslim organisation protesting against the riots in Denmark, I’ll believe the majority of muslims are disgusted by these acts when I see it.

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    Khad Young

    There is a vocal minority on both sides of the issue of theism. To some Christians it seems that all atheists have nothing better to do than complain about religion and do so mean-spiritedly. The reality is that only a few have blogs about atheism or constantly Twitter about it. The vast majority simply live decent lives and God never crosses their minds.

    Christians (and other people of faith) are no different. It sucks for me that people like Fred Phelps have actually been able to make strides in “rebranding” Christianity. One crazy nutjob and his family somehow speak for all of us? Come now. Let us reason together.

    Whoever you are, there will always be someone speaking louder than you in your stead unless you speak up for yourself. That is why I run a church at a bar. I want people to know the truth of God’s love and grace. I find that the bulk of my ministry is not necessarily preaching and teaching anything new but rather tearing down the bullshit that people have associated with the faith (i.e. Religion).

    Christianity is not a set of rules. It is a relationship. A relationship not founded on love is destined to fail.

    I cannot speak for people of other faiths, but Jesus said that you will know we are HIS followers by our love for one another (John 13:35). He also taught that we are to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us (not kill them). (Matthew 5:44)

    Keep that in mind before you associate someone like Fred Phelps or the killer of Dr. Tiller with Jesus Christ. Anyone can take his name in vain — claim it for themselves. See what HE had to say about it, though.

    Grace, mercy, and peace,


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    Anna Renee

    We get into so much trouble when we assume that our vantage point encompasses all truth, then we speak condemnation from our limited place. It’s not enlightening to believe that you have “to see it” for it to be true. This great big world is bigger than your vantage point.
    Humans tend to believe that “I alone am right” If I’m a murderer, I am right. If I’m an enslaver, I am right. If I believe there’s no God, I am right. If I believe Christianity is superior to all, I am right. Christianity is my religious culture, but I am a disciple of Christ, meaning I try to follow His lead in all areas of my life. There are millions of voices and opinions, all believing themselves to be right. Following Christ cuts through all this madness so we can hear the Voice of Truth. Many “Christians” got it all wrong, believing they “are right” as well. Thank God for Jesus because He makes the way for anyone, including “those murdering Arabs”, “those self-righteous Christians”, “those idolatrous pagans” and “those arrogant atheists”!! Jesus belongs to ALL! Hallelujah! Amen

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    Boy, I sure do love living in 809 A.D.

    *checks calendar* ……..wait a minute…….

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