Will you marry me, Hot Atheist Chick?

I got a lot of flak a few podcasts ago for saying the burka should be banned, so it’s refreshing to hear that “Hot Atheist Chick” is also on my side. Well, she hasn’t technically taken a side just yet, but I’m pretty sure she’ll see the light soon enough. I also enjoyed her rant against feminists who accuse her of using her sexuality to get her message across. What the fuck is wrong with that? It seems to work pretty well for her, and us guys seem to like it just fine, thank you.

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    Hot damn… what a sexy *ummmm* mind…. yup let’s go with mind.

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    I think she’s right that the harshest critics of how women dress tend to be some of those who call themselves feminists. It is interesting to consider whether we would be as interested in hearing her message if she wasn’t attractive, but I’m not sure how that degrades the quality of her message in any way.

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