Oh noes, Barak is the Antichrist!

I think there’s a rule written somewhere that every living president has to be declared the Antichrist at some time in their presidency, otherwise no one takes them seriously. I think it would be a lot easier for most of these Christians to just come out and admit that they hate the fact their president has a different skin pigmentation than they do, and they can stop beating around the bush. If you enjoy watching terribly deluded people try and stretch the metaphors of the Bible into specific modern day prophecies, you’ll get a kick out of this guy.

I await the day when someone finds a way to predict I am the Antichrist as well. If that ever happened, then I know I’ve “made it”.

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    this is crazy. but then again, weird things happen. i do believe that he might have manipulated it a little bit, because doesnt it make sense that if you repeat the test it will happen again, but this guy tried it and nothing happened for his voice, strange.

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    Damn (pun intended), this is even better than the Bible Code. And I like the music, too.

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    Well up until Obama’s election the evangelicals believed the anti-christ would be the future president of the European Union. These clown can never make up their minds.

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    That is some funny sh!t!

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    It’s all true. If I knew that some guy–whether it be anti-Christ or Hitler or whoever–was going to kill everyone, I would write a book about it, but not personally, I would get a guy named Luke to write it for me. Then I would use words that mean a completely different thing but sound similar phonetically to express the name. There’s a pedophile in the neighbourhood! Just read this poem and figure out the cypher to protect your children!

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    Nacho Mama

    Do these fellows follow the “Hate-a-Day” calendar or something?

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    I remember when I was a kid, people were saying Reagan was the snti-christ, because his names (Ronald Wilson Reagan) all had 6 letters. This must have been before he was the hero of the righties, I guess.

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