Young women in India plow fields naked to bring rain

Most of the time, religious superstitions are just silly, stupid, or dangerous. There are plenty of apartment buildings in my city that don’t have a 13th floor for no other reason then people are annoyingly superstitious. Obviously, irrational thinking will make you do irrational things. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know.

Once in a blue moon, however, you come across a particular superstition that is so strange that you can’t help but crack a smile. Take this story in Patna, India, where farmers have been asking their unmarried daughters to plow the fields naked in order to embarrass the gods enough to make it rain.

Now I’m normally the first to tell people this kind of nonsense is ludicrous, but I find this kind of thing too funny to even criticize. A bunch of young, naked chicks plowing the fields is a sight I would PAY to see, so I guess I’ll keep my mouth shut until I can see this ritual for myself. They may not bring much rain, but I’m sure they aren’t going to stay “unmarried” for very long doing this kind of sexy activity.

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