Young girl disowned by family for seeking medical treatment

I’m sick and tired of Christian scientists. Apart from having a horribly misleading name, these morons don’t care in the slightest about science. They are in truth opposed to scientific progress, which they view as a direct challenge to God’s will. If you are sick and need medical help, it’s time to get busy praying, and not calling the doctor.

This story about a 15 year old girl being disowned for having surgery to remove her brain tumor makes me sad and angry. Jessica (not her real name) had an operable brain tumor, one serious enough that her prognosis without surgery was 6 months. The only reason she was in the hospital in the first place was because she had collapsed at a friend’s house, and had been brought there by her family. No doubt had this happened at home, Jessica’s parents would have told her to stay home and pray for her symptoms to go away.

And that would have been it for little Jessica. She would have lived the remainder of her short life being told she was sick because she didn’t believe in God “hard enough”.

It still amazes me that individuals this ignorant are still around. Sure, they may not believe in science, but it doesn’t change the fact they are alive because everyone around them uses science everyday. The water they drink, the cars they drive; all of these are the product of science, not prayer.

Now poor little Jessica has been disowned by her family. She gets to live, but is being punished for wanting to stay alive. Can’t you just feel the love? Truly, if there was a God, he would have wanted her to die at the tender age of 15, cuz he’s mysterious that way!

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    Sad now, but look this is probably a good think long term.

    A) She’s alive. As far as long term outlooks go living is a key element.

    B) Nothing changes the outlook on life like a near death experience. Hopefully this has opened her eyes to the irrational nature of her parent’s beliefs and some more normal couple will take her in.

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    Rhonda Holland

    Religious family values are no values at all.

    I wish the young lady a speedy recovery. It would be nice to know her real name and contact information so that sane rational people could send her cards and words of encouragement. She is going through a lot and has lost what should be her most important support system.

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    If ther WAS a god he would give tumors to all christian scientists. Boy, what a misnomer ! They are disqualified on both parts.

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    It is all very sad – as a parent i couldn’t imagine anything that would force me to disown my children – nothing – well, maybe a mustache.

    It takes religion for to be totally devoid of compassion and empathy. How is it that we total strangers, feel more sympathy for this poor girl than her parents? I hope this girl now leads a long and happy life, with a monumental chip on her shoulder against religion. Her parents are clearly no loss long term to her.

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    Some people just shouldn’t be permitted to breed.

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    I never been disgusted more. Though I am happy for her, she made the right choice despite the pressure from the closest relatives.

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    I wish her a quick recovery and hope she’ll find a better community – after all, she had to have a lot of courage to defy her parents!

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    I can’t imagine what that poor child is going through. Her parents are absolute scum.

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    I imagine this must be a hard time for her. Shes confused and saddened that her parents disowned her because she wanted to have a chance to live. I cant believe these parents are so held fast to their beliefs that they would put their daughter through this, its just so disgusting, like they actually thought their daughter was evil and challenging gods will of punishment, enough to deny that she was their daughter. Such absolutely messed up parents.

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    Kristen Potter

    If her family would actually read all the injustice in the Bible, as such with the contradictions also, then maybe they would start having second thoughts about their whimsy faith.

    Really feel for the poor girl. 🙁

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    Peolple that believe all other faiths line up behind Christian Science’s views, are just as ignorant as as they are.It is not the black and white text in the bible you read,it the correct interpreting of it.Which takes studying and insight into whaty you are reading.Not just reading the bible like a novel at night before bed.

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