Intelligent Design is a philosophy of Ignorance

Neil is a fun and interesting speaker. Here he is trying to argue that Intelligent Design is a philosophy of ignorance, and if we continue to allow creationists to undermine science, the state of intellectual progress in America is likely to suffer serious setbacks. I think it’s sad when people invoke God to explain what they don’t know. It’s intellectually lazy, and doesn’t lead to any real scientific progress.

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    What’s even more disgusting is when the god nuts invoke “intelligent design” which are fancy words that mean “god”, and then pretend they’re being scientific.

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    I am a junior and attend a public school. We are taught evolution and intellegent design is permitted if realting to the subject and daily discussion. I am a christian and believe the bible is fact, I also want to point out that I do not use God as a way to fill the unknown, think of science as God’s actions being explained. For example; the big bang is how God created the universe, and all the elements of physics and chemistry are how he has created a world for us to live in.

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    Hunter, if you are a christian, then you believe the bible is true if the bible (talking snake, virgin birth, resuurection after death,parting the red sea)is true then science is false

    The bible tells us that god created the universe. sceince tells us the big bang was responsible for the creation of the universe. and if you say god caused the big bang, you are no longer a christian because the bible says absoulutely nothing about the big bang

    the bible attributes sicknesses, diseases and pestilence to evil spirits(magic) while science attributes it to viruses, bacteria and the like. Even you have to be honest with yourself, when someone gets cancer , you can pray all you want but if that person does not seek medical help, there is absolutely no hope.

    science has made us live longer and better, the bible on the other hand wants us to remain the iron age where witches and sorcerers(magic)exist

    science tells us we all evovled in africa and eventually spread out across the world and the different environments are responsible for different races .the bible tells us the first man and woman were created somewhere in the middle east and they are somehow responsible for all the races .

    so i’m sorry mr hunter but science does not explain god’s actions but it spits in the face of god and throws the bible out the window.

    if science explained god, there would be no need for faith. Faith only exists because god is not scientific but magical.

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    Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of my heroes.

    Both his talks on this symposium (first Beyond Belief, you can watch the whole thing here: are fantastic.

    I know I linked this to one of the TGA guys (I think ryan, not sure) in the fightlinker chat a while back (I think the first round of the dream featherweight tournament), but I assume you were stoned and promptly forgot about it, haha.

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    I would first like to thank you on your non-hostile and informed response. Christians and Athiest alike seem to enjoy pointless name calling without actually debating or discussing anything.

    I believe science and religion can coexist peacfully. I believe that God causes every scientific phenomenon, but things like miracles are not to be completely understood. This is not me filling in the gaps with God’s name, its faith.

    Sciences is in no way evil, I completely agree. To many believers while God creates man, things like distinction of races is due to the spreading of man. Sciences explains that lighter and darker skin tones are mutations caused by the adaptation of skin to UV exposure, so as man journyed closer to the poles he became lighter and darker when closer the equater.

    And I to think that Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the most brilliant minds of our time. He too was a hero of mine, until he ruined it by kicking pluto out.

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    I’m a 16 years old Bosnian Muslim who immigrated to America in ’94. I was never brought up strictly about religion but I know my good share. The unfortunate truth is that there will always be mindless debates between believers and non-believers. We all have opinions on religion and that’s wonderful. Another truth, though, a religious person can never convert a non-religious person and vice versa. I also, to an extent, support Hunter’s statements.

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    Bastard Soap

    As an atheist I have no interest in converting you, just don’t want you to be dicks. Science and religion can coexist, as you see here Islam had it right for 300 years, but all it took was one piece of shit of a scholar to turn Islam into one of the most vile, violent and ignorant cultures around. This relationship is very unstable as religion doesn’t tollerate people pointing out it’s flaws, the culture of religion is the anti-thesis of science. They could go along if only religion made sense…

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