The “Holy Shit” moment

Ok, I want you to pretend that you just woke up from a coma, and you’ve developed near total amnesia. Not only do you not remember anything about yourself, but you’re also unfamiliar with any recent news or events. You do, however, maintain your own moral code of conduct, which still allows you to judge what is right and wrong (in other words, you aren’t a drooling invalid here).

Curious about the outside world, you begin to peruse the web in search of information, and happen to fall upon this little article. It details the fact that one of the head officials of the Catholic Church in Chicago was aware of over 25 priests who had been abusing young children, but had stayed silent about the abuse.

You certainly would be more than a little disappointed by the Catholic church; you’d be jumping up and down, furious with rage that 25 (try just counting to 25 to see how many that is!) priests in the Chicago region alone were abusing kids. You would be consumed by anger at the fact that even in this paltry article, there seem to be no names or arrests. “What the hell is going on here?”, you would wonder. Why is no one in jail? Basically you’d have a” Holy Shit” moment, one the rest of us desperately need to have.

Your next move would be to keep digging. You’d naturally wonder “are there other instances of priestly abuse out there?”. A simple search on Google would probably make you want to vomit with rage at how many kids around the world have been, or still are, abused by these robed monsters.

You’d probably be very confused as to why no one seems to be freaking out about this. Well, truth be told, we’re all so accustomed to it that it hardly surprises us anymore. We’ve become almost shell shocked, and because so many people still revere this crooked and disgusting institution, it’s not a big deal anymore.

Now I don’t want everyone to suddenly develop amnesia, but I did wish we could look these abuses with fresh eyes. This piece of shit bastard needs to rot in jail, along with all his molester buddies. I don’t care if he was not involved in the abuse; his silence was his crime, for it allowed these monsters to ruin the lives of so many countless children.

On a related note, I think I figured out how the Catholic Church can completely cut down on all child abuse: just enforce castration for priests. I mean, you’re not using it anyways, so why not get rid of it and we can stop worrying you’re going to keep forcing little kids to play with it.

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