I know the answer to this question…

I think it’s sad when experts in nonsense don’t even know their own shit. Hey father, I think I can answer this stupid question: The simple explanation is everyone was fucking each other, regardless of whether or not they were related. Sons fucking mothers, Dads shagging daughters; you get the idea. Of course, if you think that’s all very gross, you can feel some kind of relief from the fact IT’S A BUNCH OF STUPID BULLSHIT. I mean, this guy is wondering if Adam and Eve had bellybuttons for God’s sake. Does he also study how many angels can fit on the head of a pin too?

Pure stupidity.

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    While I did enjoy the clip, who the hell is keeping Red Eye on the air? FOX could probably make more money running O’Reilly re-runs.

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    Here’s the problem with the bible.

    If you think it’s literally true then there are so many contradictions as to make your believe impossible.

    If you think it is a guidebook then everyone can interpret it differently.

    Neither of these viewpoints is compatible with it being an ultimate guide to life.

    The only way to think of the bible is as a work of fiction, written by many people, altered lots of times, which has some good stuff in, a lot of nonsense and a lot of very dangerous stuff too.

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    The the story of Adam and Eve is the story of the first man, who’s decedants would lead to Abraham. As we know Abraham is the beganing of the chosen people, the Jews, which is what Genesis is also about the story of the Hebrew people. The bible suggest that God created other men as well that lived outside Eden. When Cain is sentenced to wonder till death he says,
    “You banish me from the land and from your presence;you have made me a homeless wanderer. Anyone who finds me will kill me!” Genesis 3:14

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    Bastard Soap

    So obviously there were other men boning eve.

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