Boohoo, atheists are so mean!

Christians hate plurality. They realize if you start celebrating every stinking holiday, they might start having to share the spotlight with other faiths, or others that have no faith. I love how outraged Gretchen (what a terrible and tragic name) is at “Festivus”, as though this harmless little holiday is going to bring down the destruction of mankind. She’s also terrified that little kids might see an atheist sign and freak out or something. Oh no, run for your lives! The atheists are coming, and they are going to corrupt your children into doubting the existence of your God. For the love of science, will no one stop these monsters???

Oh wait, that’s a good thing…

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    What a bunch of whiny assholes.

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    A few quotes here just make me twitch.
    “…Now I’m gonna have to explain to [my children] what atheism is… are you kidding me?”

    “I’m all for… free speech, just don’t choose Dec. 25 to do it!”
    *twitch twitch*

    “What the next holiday someone’s gonna want up there??”
    Uh, how about ALL OF THEM?? Or none at all?

    I need a beer.

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    “enslaving their minds” is an insult?

    Why is it “insanity” to allow other religious symbols to be put up?
    Why not just take EVERYTHING down and get this crap out of our government?

    The woman commentator is…..well…you know.

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    What do they care if their religion is attacked!? It’s sooo fragile…?

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    Seems to me like all of this completely inane bullshit coming from these completely ridiculous people is aired on FOX. Please enlighten this poor European. Is FOX really this bad?

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    Yes, Maurice, it really is that bad. Televangelists are given free reign to dole out their nonsense, and if, say, an anti-gay marriage, pro abstinence-only sex-ed, Republican Congressman has an affair, they’ll change his little (R) tag to (D) and not mention it. I guess that’s what makes them “Fair and Balanced”, though.

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    LOL! What a bimbo…

    Also, do separate state from religion, one has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

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    Anyone with any sense at all doesn’t watch FOX news to begin with.

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    gretchen shouldn’t be an anchor for fox news. wait wait, i just heard her say she’s all for free speech but not on december 25. what the hell, she is very ignorant. we need to email her and complain to her supervisors etc.

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    She sounds perectly ridiculous.

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    Every time I hear her voice, I feel nauseated and vaguely unclean.

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    I do wish that the message the atheist group chose to put up in a public forum had been a little more… tame. Not that I don’t agree with it, but things like this just freak out the moderate fence-sitting types. A simple reminder that atheism is just as real an option (if not more so) than any religion is all that the situation required.
    Of course, it wouldn’t stop Gretchen what’s-her-face from shrieking about it, but at least the more reasonable Fox viewers would be more likely to disagree with her. You need to expose them to atheism slowly, y’know?

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    Bastard Soap

    Atheism has shitty PR skills doesn’t it :/

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