I love Kiwis!

Apart from the amazing fact there are more women than men in this tiny country (this fact in itself should encourage you to visit, guys), the country’s atheist population is surging. According to this article, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, is essentially non-religious (his predecessor was also agnostic), and his whole country is becoming more and more secular. It’s estimated if the current irreligious trend continues, Atheism will overtake Christianity is about 10 years.

Now before everyone pats themselves on the back for making such inroads into godlessness, there are a few caveats which prevent me from declaring New Zealand the mecca of atheism. The biggest shame is their blasphemy law, which makes it illegal to publish materials that vilify, ridicule, or offend Christians.

We have the same cowardly laws here in Canada as well, although because of our perceived “cultural diversity”, it can be twisted to incorporate just about any religion. The only way to defend yourself against this terrible law is to have expressed yourself in “good faith and decent language”. In other words, I’m not allowed to say “fuck you, Christianity, and shove your false self righteousness so far up your ass that even your pathetic man-god can’t find it”.

Fight back against this kind of bullshit, Kiwis! Don’t let yourselves be bullied by insecure, overly litigious Christians who hate it when they are told their beliefs are wrong. 10 years isn’t really too far away, so it’s time to make plans for what happens after you dethrone these religious zealots. May I suggest eliminating that stupid law first?

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    yeah, that and we gave the world ray fucking comfort.

    nz is a strange one. being a reasonably ‘new’ country in terms of european settlement, there are probably more parallels to draw between the likes of the usa and canada than of similar european states. in that the largest christian groups would probably be the polynesian (moari, tonga, fijian and samoan) communities that got the business end of a stack of bibles when the missionaries rocked up. on the whole the pakeha (white folks, predominantly of scots, irish and english descent) adhere to european norms.

    im an animator for an event called the alternative rugby commentary. here is a guide to kiwis and canadians made specifically for the rugby audience for a test matched played in 2007


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    NZ has some pretty sick crime stats though iirc…could be wrong though.

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    Our crime stats are low compared to the rest of the world. New Zealand is ranked 1st in the GPIs most peaceful countries in 2009. It’s weird how secular countries are the most peaceful…

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