Madonna still the queen of controversy

Back before the atheist movement was picking up steam, and way before anyone in the mainstream even dared to denounce their belief in God, one paragon of controversy was always making the religious right flip out. You might think pissing off Catholics is no big deal, but in the 80s Madonna was all about that shit. I still remember her video for Like a Prayer, which featured all kinds of delicious blasphemy, including her having stigmata, singing with burning crosses in the background, and having sex with a black Jesus (who was actually Saint Martin de Porres).

Yeah, you had to give her credit back then for really getting under the Catholic’s skin. But those days are gone, right? Well, not really. It turns out her name still annoys the shit out of them, and it doesn’t help things when she planned her Warsaw concert on the real holy day for the ‘actual’ Madonna, called the Feast of Assumption of the Blessed Mary.

As for the rest of the controversy Madonna still manages to stir up, it’s your standard fanfare of provocative and fleshy outfits, something I cared about a lot more when she was in her prime (she’s 50 now, and it’s starting to get creepy now). Still, the cherry on top of all of this is the fact that her latest boy toy, a 22 year old Brazilian model, is named Jesús. You can guess what kind of buzz that generated!

Don’t ever change, Madonna.

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    Despite all that, with her Buddhism-Kaballa flipflopping she’s not exactly and an ambassador to reason either.

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    Her mindfucking the catholics doesn’t impress me, especially since she’s into her pseudo-kabbalah bullshit.

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    Madonna is a virgin, she just isn’t very good at it.

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    Jesus and Madonna? Talk about an Oedipus complex.

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    Love how Newsweek thought Madonna was her “stage name.” A five second trip to IMDb would have told them it was her actual birth name. Way to pay attention, Newsweek.

    Anyway, I think it’s funny when she pisses off the Catholics. I like that in a person. And I’d rather see someone into the Buddhist-Kabbalah bit, than any of the desert god cults.

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