Saudi Arabia sucks

(is it now?)

If you’re a feminist and care deeply for the plight of women, you need to take a look at Saudi Arabia and the painstakingly slow and awkward way they are modernizing. In the news today, a group of 26 women were given special training to allow them to sell lingerie.

The government isn’t too happy about allowing these women to work, but because only men are currently selling underwear, this impropriety takes precedence over the fact women aren’t allowed to do much else beyond stay home barefoot and ‘preggers’.

Personally I find Saudi Arabia to be the most backwards place in the world. Here is one of the wealthiest countries on earth, but because all of its money comes from oil, they have never been required to modernize like other industrialized nations. It’s almost as though an empire from the 12th century is still in existence, and has the financial power of a 21st century country.

You’ll recall this is the same dusty shithole where women aren’t allowed to leave their homes unless they are dressed in suffocating burqas, and are accompanied by a man (that they have to walk behind, of course). When will this world stop treating women like second class citizens?

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    Probably not before I’m gone. :(

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    Alan Hogan

    Very close to Saudi Arabia is Dubai, UAE, who have similar problems including effectual slavery:

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    Saudi Arabia is one of the worst countries in the world. I’d rather live in North Korea than Saudi Arabia… and North Korea is a crap hole… They are very ignorant in Saudi Arabia. They treat their woman like they are pets which are owned…. They are so uneducated and indoctrinated by their false religion that a lot of them actually believe their country is fair. What a joke. They put down Western Culture but are ignorant of it… We actually respect woman here, treat them as equals, support them and encourage them… Saudi Men have no idea how to treat a lady… Saudi Arabia sucks.

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    A dude

    Well, it’s not going to end xD. Saudi arabia has a pretty deep issue : they are “BEDWINS”, in English : Nomads. They took Islam & added a nomadic/barbaric flavor on it, creating a new harsh mix called (Salafi Islam, AKA Wahabee Islam), which is a very brutal version of the normal Islam, and guess what : most of their laws are against women.

    So it’s not going to end,because they think that treating women like that is part of the religion,which is not of course + they are nomads,every Arab knows that the nomads of saudi arabia are impossible to educate,scientifically & socially, want a proof ? see the Saudi students in America, they spend 5 or more years in there studying English, and they don’t even know how to speak a single word, they are nomads. Their heads are made of stone.

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    Saudi Arabia is just sad loads of fuck shit I wish I never been born there I didn’t accept this religion they have here from the start I was suspecting it to be wrong and not true …but soon I am leaving this shitty country and go live somewhere where I can be free from all of that

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