Hilarious standup on pseudoscience

My favorite line (I’m totally stealing it now) is “Of course science doesn’t know everything, otherwise they would stop”. I’ve never heard it explained so simply!

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    That’s Dara O’Briain, he’s awesome. If you can find some Mock the Week he presents it and they often have religious stuff that’s been in the news.

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    its interesting actually. here in the uk (ive lived here most of my life having moved from nz) i have definitely noticed that we have a parallel to the north american atheistic movement. there has increasingly been more and more anti-pseudo science sentiment in the media and on television. much of it in the form of comedy.

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    “For the sake of balance we must now turn to Barry who believes the sky is a carpet painted by God.”

    Fucking classic.

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    David Mitchell…Dara O’Briain….Stephen Fry… any more people from QI? :D

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    Mario J

    That was brilliant!

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    I saw Patton Oswalt last night at the Improv, his stand up on the fables of the bible being the basis for people voting yes on prop 8 here in Ca. was freaking hilarious. If I can find it online I’ll try to post it.

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