Design FAIL

Here’s a fun little article on about some of the worst “designs” in the natural world. It’s a nice little reminder of how fucked up nature can be, and how evolution can often produce some unfortunate windfalls once in a while. Here are a few highlights:

#2 Hyena clitoris. When engorged, this “pseudopenis,” which doubles as the birth canal, becomes so hard it can crush babies to death during exit.
#8 Slug genitalia. Some hermaphroditic species breed by wrapping their sex organs around each other. If one of said members gets stuck, the slug simply chews it off. What. The. Hell?

Notice how cruel nature can be in regards to your own sexual organs? Just be glad our stuff works a little bit better than a slug’s. Yeesh!

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    They left out our trachea and esphagus. We breath and eat with our mouth, trying to eat and breath at the same time can result in choking. We would be so much more efficient with an extra orifice.

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