These people are insane

Apparently, I must be crazy for not believing I can be possessed by a spirit that occasionally makes you act like a 5th grade drama student. For more information on how to be this “sane”, please consult your local church.

(props to Jordan for the find)

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    Holy shitballs, what was that? O_o I know laughter is contagious, but this crosses the line into scary.

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    ugggh. It’s just kinda of sad.

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    Excuse my ignorance, but… WTF was that?!

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    Closet Atheist

    That’s the ‘fullness of the Holy Spirit’ on those people. Or is it FOOLNESS? Either way, any ‘god’ that wants that kind of worship must be an awfully puny god indeed.

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    “WTF” sums it up nicely.

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    What a stunning display of mass delusion. These kind of guys are incredibly talented at manipulating people’s emotions anyway, and when you add in the god factor they’re bound to gather a following. It’s embarrassing to know that there are even that many of my fellow Americans who are so ignorant that they buy into crazy-ass shit like this.

    Stupidity ought to be fatal.

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    I have always thought that the fundies in most cases were delusional and this proves it to me. These people have allowed an old religious fraud get them into a state of hypnosis and will probably have their pockets picked and it will serve them bloody well right.

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    Ricky Gervais would kill for an audience like that.
    Makes Tom Cruise look almost sane.

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    My theory: they pumped a bunch of vaped THC in the room, and these people are geekin’ the hell out. That’s pretty much what I looked like when I first started smokin’, lol!

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    i am disgusted to a degree i can not put to words. if i could wave my hand and make people laugh that hard and dance…id be a cult leader too but come on its laughing gas. they have to be laughing for a reason and it aint because of a magic man, or a magic preacher…. i just find it funny how closely a large group of people like that resemble large groups of primates.

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