Ultra-Orthodox Jews keep protesting

Seems like every other day Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel are protesting something. This week it’s the arrest of an Orthodox woman who was slowly starving her child to death. It’s believed she has a form of Munchausen syndrom, keeping her child sick in order to gain sympathy from others. Ultra-Orthodox Jews are extreme isolationists, and consider any governmental interference in their affairs worthy of protest. In this case, they’ve taken the side of the mother, despite the fact the mother had even tried to disconnect her child’s feeding tubes at the hospital.

The hilarious thing about this situation is it embodies the major problem of religious belief; that it’s often impossible to differentiate between serious mental illness and strong religiosity. The two carry the same symptoms: intense paranoia, irrational behavior, and feelings of prosecution. Rather than be horrified by the neglect of a child, the protesters are outraged because the government became involved in ‘their affairs’. These are the same assholes who threw dirty dipers and stones at police for opening a parking structure on a Saturday. Clearly, they are a resonable bunch.

I’m sick and tired of trying to pretend I respect the idiotic beliefs of deeply delusional humans. It’s one thing to hold your beliefs privately, but quite another to enforce your beliefs on others. I would ask them kindly to fuck off, but these morons are too far up their own asses to notice the rest of the world does not give a shit about their backwards ideology.

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    Well you are better then I for I have NO repect for their delusions and DO NOT pretend to do so. They are ALL hypocrites!!!! I’m willing to bet that if the idiot broad was sick and needed to be hooked up to save her life – would she pull the tubes free and die????
    I will apologize and change my view when someone tells the doctor ‘don’t bother stitching the artery to gether I will pray to the Lord to fix me up’ and then watches himself bleed to death. So has anyone seen or heard of an otherwise healthy thiestard pray to have the 90degree broken arm fixed or watched as he bleed to death because the pray was worthless – here in the USA???? 3rd world areas don’t count because the health care is so bad they sometimes don’t have the choice.
    And if they will not do it to themselves then they are NOT allowed to do so for the kids! period! I don’t care about their delusional freedoms.

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