Creation museum says they have “indeniable proof” of the truth of their claim

I’ve written extensively about the Creation Museum because it represents the ‘peak’ of creation ‘science’. Here is a museum that takes a serious stance as to the value of scientific understanding; which is to say they see little to no value in the principle. It’s ironic, of course, that the museum uses the latest in robotics and animatronics technology (itself a product of our scientific endeavors) to support their literal interpretation of the Bible.

Modern creationists don’t even realize the debt they owe to science. During the time when the Bible was written, simple infections that are routinely treated today would have been deadly. The child mortality rate was about 300 deaths for every 1,000 births, meaning that the odds were good that if you had three kids, one of them would not live past the age of 5. Modern germ theory has given us the tools to bring the number of child death down to a tiny 6 every thousand, making child mortality a rare (though still tragic) occurrence.

You cannot fully grasp modern germ theory without first understanding the process of evolution. Deadly pathogens, bacteria and other small invaders evolve far more rapidly than any other organism due to their speed of reproduction. Luckily, as we learn more, we create potent vaccines that prepare our bodies for the onslaught of these tiny intruders. In developing countries, measles, a disease which can be eradicated with a successful vaccination campaign, still kills an estimated 500,000 people a year, many of them children.

The very fact modern Christians have the luxury to teach nonsense to their own children is due entirely to the tireless efforts of scientists to improve our understanding of the natural world, which in turn allows us to develop new and better ways to protect ourselves from its onslaught. Nature may be cruel, but as our scientific understanding grows, we have increasingly softened it.

Atheist superstar PZ Myers is planning a visit to the museum with his posse, and in response, director Ken Ham says he has a surprise for them; a supposedly irrefutable argument that supports their literal interpretation of the Bible. It’s a chestnut we’ve heard often from Ken, and it’s always met with dismal failure. Why would this time be any different? Ken and his ilk don’t understand the first thing about science; they don’t realize that the cars they drive to work, the tap water they drink, and the tools they used to build their temple to ignorance are only possible because of our growing scientific sophistication and understanding. They prefer to live in the bliss of their own ignorance, and their aim is to drag us all down to their level. I like the view from up here just fine, Ken.

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    They think that one piece of irrevertable truth could ever make a difference. One piece of we don’t know yet means nothing and creationists don’t understand that.

    They also think that finding one flaw would invalidate over 100 years worth of study. They don’t relized that the flaws are what scientists study.

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    In the past, these “irrefutable arguments” often included non scientific ‘laws’ made up specifically to prove a conclusion – showing not only a blatant disregard for the truth but also a fundamental misunderstanding of how science works.

    I’m interested to see what this latest BS is as well.

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    Wow!!!! They have undeniable proof that God exists? Awesome!!!!

    I’ve always wanted to meet God in the flesh.

    What do you mean he’s not going to be there? Oh, please don’t tell me you’re going to trot out those tired old arguments and excuses every time I ask to see him? Again, really, seriously? Yes, yes, I know, I know, the majesty of God’s creation… Of course, God really is too difficult for us mortals to understand… No way this was all some random coincidence? There’s simply too many complicated things in the universe for all this to have just happened? What do you mean you don’t need to have proof that God did it? Oh… right… Faith, uh huh, okay. No reason required? I just need to trust…

    Gotcha… So… You really don’t have any proof after all huh? No, sorry, a poorly interpreted book meant to keep uneducated commoners in line so the King could run with unchecked powers back in the 5th century isn’t really proof.

    So, is God going to show up or what? No, your tired arguments don’t work, they’re not proof. You want to prove God to me, then lets meet him. Maybe while he’s here he can clear up some of the problems we’ve been having? What problems? Oh, you know, the crazy whack job extremists in the Middle East, the abuse scandals in Ireland, religious extremists trying to turn the US into a theocracy? Do I really need to go on? I mean is it too much to ask for “Daddy” to finally show up to tell the kids to behave and get along?

    Oh, you he can’t make it? Shocker! However meeting him is the *only* proof I could ever accept that could make me believe, hell it should be the only proof *any* person would accept before they’d even consider putting their trust in an absentee control freak with multiple personalities and a penchant for torturing some of his kids, while playing favourites with the others.


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