Human beings embarrass me

I will never get over the fact human beings worship inanimate objects. Here is a bunch of sad idiots who think a tree stump is an apparition of the Virgin Mary. You can see from this video how impressed everyone is by what is obviously just a fucking tree stump.

How sad that we live in a world where we know why people have a tendency to see shapes and patterns in things (it’s called pareidolia), and yet we can’t seem to convince the deluded masses that a barely recognizable face-like pattern in a tree is anything other than a ‘divine miracle’.

I can only weep for humanity as we continue to look so goddamn foolish. Has no one there pointed out the fact this is just a stupid tree stump that they are worshiping? Even their own church has the good sense to be skeptical about it.

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    These idiots live just down the road from me – they share the same brain cell (and family members) and it is fucking embarrassing. They are not doing any harm seems to be the response of the yocals – not all religious woo is of American origin.

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    Sounds like it’s good for business and the town knows a good thing when it sees it.

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    Zombie Jesus

    Now, if there is a shadow of a spectre of a face on that tree, which is obviously unrecognizable…why is it always Mary? Maybe it’s Satan breaking through his prison, ever think about that? The answer: people want to be witness to and part of a miracle within their lifetime so that when they die, people can say, “That hick was there when that stump became a holy bastion of light.”

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    I’ve got a small section of a tree stump in my backyard that looks like a goldfish. Does that mean Jesus is trying to speak to me?

    Whenever a car drives by the house, the pile of clothes at the end of my bed takes on the appearance of Michael Myers. Does this mean monsters live under my bed?

    Perhaps I should capitalize on this and sell T-Shirts or something, get on the news, have tons of whack jobs in my back yard. I could sell parts of the tree that produced the “Jesus’ Goldfish”; get the suckers… um… the “faithful” to clean the tree debris out of my backyard for me!

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    Anybody else watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and remember the episode where there was a stain in the bar? Every time one of these things pops up, I have to laugh and think about that episode.

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