Iranian singer gets 5 years in jail for blasphemy

You can always tell how confident a religion is by the amount of laws they throw around to ‘protect’ their faith. Blasphemy laws represent perhaps the most obvious example of the cowardly nature of organized religion: they are created specifically to punish anyone who questions the power of these organizations and their masters. The latest casualty in the fight against religious tyranny is Iranian singer Mohsen Namjoo, who recorded (privately, according to him) a song disparaging the Koran. It was leaked on the Internet, and so a judge has sentenced him in absentia to 5 years in jail.

Mohsen lent his voice in condemning the June 12th Iranian election results, so I’m suspicious the main reason for such a harsh sentence is political. So long as religions and governments are intertwined, unjust blasphemy laws will continue to jail people for the ‘crime’ of being skeptical. How can any human being truly be free when they cannot even express their opinions on religion? If the truth of Islam is so overwhelming, why are they so afraid of dissent?

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