The Earth is 6000 years old, older than any environmental law!

I think the greatest tragedy in the US is how ignorant people are of science. Here, this Arizona State senator wants uranium to be mined and thus exploited for the purpose of generating power. Nuclear power plants are incredibly sophisticated, and while I agree nuclear energy is one of the ways to help humans lower their dependance on oil and other natural gases for fuel, it certainly isn’t a permanent solution (by the best estimates I’ve heard, with the current supply of uranium, there is enough to last some 150 years).

How can a person hold the view the earth was created by God 6000 years ago while simultaneously encouraging the use of an element with a half life of roughly 4.4 billion years? Simple: just ignore the science and leave that to ‘professionals’ while you go around telling everyone they are going to hell for not believing as you do! Here’s an idea for you, senator: if you want people to support initiatives promoting new technology to solve the problems of tomorrow, learn a little bit more about how it works, moron.

(props to the Beatitude for the find)

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