Kiss-in planned at LDS plaza

Yesterday I wrote about how two men were handcuffed and charged with a misdemeanor for kissing at the Main Street Plaza, which is owned by the LDS Chruch. Now, former city councilwoman Deeda Seed is planning a “kiss-in”, asking everyone to bring their partners to show each other affection in response.

The most interesting thing about the article has to be the comments. Now I know lots of people feel that private property gives individuals a right to ‘do what you please’ to trespassers, but this is the kind of callous attitude people are trying to fight. We all have a responsibility to uphold the public good and the rights of others, even when it’s on our own land. To think otherwise is to place property rights before human rights.

There was already controversy for years concerning the sale of the Plaza to begin with, since the space had previously been open to the public, specifically because of the relentless moralizing of the Church, and the loss of public land to a private institution. In light of these events, I’m sure the issue will come up again.

Personally I love the idea of shoving this issue in the face of the LDS church. They love to moralize and tell others how to live their lives, so I say we show them how we live ours, and what better way than by making out in public?

If you want to be depressed for the future of humanity, I strongly urge you to read the comment section of this article to get a sense of just how intolerant people can be. If anything, it’s an educational experience. Good luck Salt Lake city citizens with your kiss-in. We’re rooting for you!

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    This is awesome and hilarious. I hope it goes well.

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    The husband and I are likely going to the kiss-in.

    The thing that really upset me was the lie that they would do it with any other couple. A kiss on the cheek and a hug? Please. Couples get wedding and engagement photos taken there frequently with *gasp* full on kissing! I’ve heard of people getting too “frisky” being asked to leave (prolonged make-outs, groping, that sort of thing) but heterosexual displays of affection have never been an issue there. It was homophobia, plain and simple.

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