Gay couple is handcuffed by Mormons for ‘inappropriate behavior’

The universe is a wondrous place, filled with gigantic exploding supernovas, galaxies that collide into other galaxies, and immense black holes even light cannot escape from. And yet, in this amazing place buzzing with activity, we are supposed to believe an all powerful being is interested in what holes are being used for sexual intercourse.

I’ve always felt that religion’s paltry and pathetic answers to the questions of the universe failed to meet anything resembling a reasonable and satisfying explanation to why the cosmos is the way it is. I understand, however, that for some the comfort of believing a benevolent caretaker is behind the wheel brings a certain peace of mind in an otherwise random existence. What annoys me is when they feel it’s their responsiblity to tell everyone else how to live, and in particular, how to have sex.

Two gay men were arrested and humiliated yesterday for kissing and hugging one another on a plaza owned by the Mormon Church. The couple was handcuffed and charged with a misdemeanor for failing to obey the commands of the security guards who asked them to behave ‘appropriately’ (in other words, ‘not gay’).

I’m anxious for the day when human beings will stop being so obsessed about what private parts go in what holes. It seems so pathetically petty to be so caught up in what is essentially humans showing affection and sexual interest for one another. Personally, I think we should all be fucking more, not less. If a supposedly omni-benevolent deity can’t deal with the fact some human beings prefer the company of the same sex, is that really a God anyone should be interested in worshiping?

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    Richard Feinburg

    The truth is that if it was on Mormon Church land then they have the right to kick them off. But on the other hand arrested them is over the line. Life is weird that way anyway and the Mormons is a very weird religion.

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    Well time to start an organized protest! Let’s all go make out on their property for the next two weeks!!!

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    As much as I dislike the religious owning anything the Mormons are the worse as they own all of Salt Lake.
    Consequently they can claim ‘inappropriate behavior’ anywhere there.
    Religious rules on church owned property.
    Sucks. Advice–leave town.

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    Watch out for the Mormon Morality Police, coming soon to a town near you!

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    Mormons are brainwashed. I invited a couple of them in my home once and they were nice but totally messed up in the head.

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    Mormons are insane. That “nice” facade is just that, a facade, to hide how utterly fucked up they truly are. They can’t have sex outside of marriage (a good way to make sure gay people aren’t enjoying themselves if they can’t marry!) Hell, they’re not even supposed to drink alcohol, coffee, tea, Coke or, few people know this, hot chocolate! (Though I do agree with them on the smoking thing. Secondhand sucks.)

    Asking a gay couple to refrain from “sexual” gestures while on Mormon property is their right. But not to have them arrested. They may have even frowned upon a hetero couple kissing or doing something inappropriate there. But no church should have the right to have someone arrested if they weren’t doing anything illegal. Hell, churches don’t pay taxes, so why should the law be at their beck and call?

    Mormon Morality Police? Fuck. They’re already out in full force! Look what happened in California!

    (Oh, and I can say all this. I’m an ex-Mormon and a queer. And I’m pissed off.)

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    All religious people who think it’s their job to be the “morality” police can just bite me. Their definition of morality is so warped it doesn’t mean anything anymore. In my opinion if people aren’t killing each other, stealing from each other or hurting each other then they are moral people. There are plenty “moral” religious people behind bars because of crimes they’ve committed.

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    Sounds like it’s time to take the Mormon church down if they are now violating private citizens’ civil rights.

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