Steroids and Jesus: a match made in heaven

I had never heard of John Jacobs and the Power Team until now. In case you were like me, this evangelical tour uses feats of strength to convert people to Jesus. These kinds of quasi-religious sideshows are nothing new; Shaolin monks have perfected this shtick for hundreds of years. The only difference is they weren’t ‘beefed up’ by the power of the Lord!

I guess breaking off handcuffs is supposed to be a metaphor for life. If that’s true, I’m not sure what ripping a phone book in half symbolizes. Maybe you don’t like calling people, perhaps? If you’re wondering what Jacobs is up to, he declared bankruptcy in 2003, and after allegedly physically assaulting one of his ‘troops’, he went out and started another organization called ‘John Jacobs and the Next Generation Power Force‘. Kinda sounds like a Saturday morning cartoon to me…

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