Muslim extremist jailed for arson

You might remember a few months ago, I wrote a story about the book, The Jewel of Medina, and the subsequent firebombing of her publisher’s home by Muslim extremists. It seems now the case has gone to trial, with Ali Beheshti (pictured above holding a gun) and his two accomplices sentenced to four and a half years behind bars. The judge issued this statement, which I strongly agree with: “If you choose to live in this country, you live by its rules. There is no such thing as ‘a la carte citizenship’ and, in your case, there is no such thing as ‘a la carte obedience’ to the law”.

The book that caused the conflict in the first place is a historical fiction novel centered on Muhammad’s child bride, Aisha. It’s a part of his history many Muslims like to whitewash; they don’t like the idea that their prophet was involved sexually with such a young child, and any reference to Aisha is usually met with swift violence.

For future reference, when you commit a violent crime, it’s usually a good idea not to have a bunch of pictures of you holding a gun. That tends to send a pretty clear message that you aren’t right in the head. Just saying…

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    “it’s usually a good idea not to have a bunch of pictures of you holding a gun.”

    This made me recall the Simpsons episode where Homer has purchased a gun and is using it to open beer and change the channel on the TV. Ah, my ill-spent youth..

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    Alan Hogan

    I remember that, Lifer. His gun-enthusiast club even kicked him out!

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    Makes me think of kind of an evil Santa Claus.

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