Pedophile priest blames Holy Spirit for abuse

You know what’s sad? I’m not shocked or surprised by terrible stories of priests molesting children. It’s so rampant there are weeks when I simply refuse to post these depressing stories simply because there isn’t much left to say about it. It’s a profession that seems to invite pedophiles, not only because of the unprecedented access to children, but also because of the ability to ‘spiritually’ bully them into silence. It’s a tactic that’s employed so often, I think it’s about time we stop giving these kinds of powers to anyone at all.

Our latest piece of shit pervert is Benito Catello, who ran a ‘church’ from his home, and catered almost exclusively to minors. Although the guy was in a wheelchair and had an oxygen tank, he was still able to coerce and force kids to have sex with him, threatening them with eternal hell fire if they talked. He’s being charged with 27 counts of sexual assault, and he’s already confessed the allegations are true. He claims the Holy Spirit made him sexually abuse those kids. I guess in his deluded mind, that’s how he justified it.

I’m not about to suggest every single priest out there is a child molester, but does it have to be so many of them? In the US alone, roughly 4% of Catholic priests have been suspected at some time of being pedophiles . That’s 4,392 men who were accused of sexual abuse. Of those, only 6% were ever convicted. Considering how difficult it is to get victims to come forward to report abuse, those are not encouraging numbers.

The Catholic Church has attempted to prevent such high rates of abuse by educating children to watch out for signs of pedophilia (like avoiding being alone with priests), but all this does is put the responsibility on children, and not on the institution. Hey parents, if you really want to protect your kids, try avoiding church altogether. That’s the simpler way to prevent abuse.

(props Unreasonable Faith for the find)

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    I’m pretty sure the priests that aren’t molesting kids are probably just out having regular sex. You can look at what happens in South American where women keep showing up with what are claimed to be the children of priests.

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    I agree with LB, the reason that you only hear of Catholic priests molesting children and not Protestant (or some other reformed denomination) is because Protestant priests do not have to be celibate and are allowed to take a wife.

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    Infinite Monkey

    If I remember correctly, someone’s going to he-ell!

    Not because of the abuse, that’s fine. But, blastpheme the holy spirit, and your @$$ is grass!

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    All this goes back thousands of years. One almost recent fact that escapes many peoples attention. Read Christopher Columbus diary and ships manifest. The Indians that he took away from the Caribbian were to be put into different slaveries. A special request from the Elite in Spain and other European countries was to make sure he could collect as many young girls from age 9 to 11 for special purposes slavery. It’s not going to stop ie… United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child or C.R.C. for short. All countries except Somalia and the U.S. have signed already.

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    I don’t think this guy is a Catholic priest. The article describes him as a “self-proclaimed prophet” who ran a church out of his house called “The Ministry.”

    I’d guess he’s some kind of Protestant.

    I’m not being an apologist for pedophile Catholic priests, but I think it’s misleading to link this guy with Catholic priests, as you seem to do.

    There’s good reason to think that there are plenty of pedophiles in leadership positions in Protestant churches. The problem is that they are harder to locate and track because of the lack of a centralization among Protestant churches.

    The Freedom From Religion Foundation publishes a list of clergy accused of, and found guilty of, sex abuse in their monthly newsletter. Curiously, I’ve noticed that there tend to be more Protestant clergy listed than Catholic clergy.

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    Here a fascinating blog dealing with Baptist sexual predators.

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    I think they’re all a bunch of creepy lunatics.

    Just to clarify.

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    Jacob Fortin

    I did suggest he was a Catholic priest. If you read the article carefully, I’m talking about priests in general being a bunch of child molesters. The Catholic Church is the only institution large enough to keep tabs on that stuff, so they are the only one with the actual numbers.

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    Jane Doe

    It ain’t the catholic church who’s keeping tabs (well, I guess they are, but they aren’t sharing the truth about the number of pedophiles in their ranks and the number of members of the hierarchy – including the popes – who moved them), it’s the victims and their supporters.

    We shall overcome… in spite of!

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    As a person who was molested myself,(not by a priest) I understand the psychological, emotional and physical trauma. Nothing will truly make those experiences go away, and the pain changes a person forever. I apologize to all who have been hurt by the wrong doings of Catholic Priests. I know that my apology is insignificant compared to the damage and the pain. Still. I apologize from the bottom of my heart for the pain you or your loved ones are going through. It is not what the Catholic church- it’s people as well as its leaders- hope to ever happen. If offense, hurt and disappointment is all that you have found in the church I am really, really sorry. I can tell you that the only way I’ve been able to cope with the trauma of what I went through is through the Catholic Church. The priests, deacons, and community at large have listened to me through my tears and have helped me begin my healing. And I am a better person for it today. Healing. Compassion. Forgiveness. This is what the Catholic church aims for. Please, forgive us when we fall short of our goal.

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    seem that the frist two are more encouragin the molest stuff, and protection the priest. priest or not its an identity still a damn human who commited a sin, that sin is death directly… for killing many souls, todays see if they have a futur or they dump to be prostitute…

    no excuses to be done or accepting, he chossed to follow the devil though he have to pay for the crime. i wonder if that was an imam what reaction you will have.

    yes the catholic says to forgive , absolutely … to give him more chance to molest more young one and destroy their life.

    are you all dumb and stupid or what. you have no clue of life you just talk without thinking. i never say stupid and blind like you ppl.

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