Harry Potter is an atheist

Hard core Christians hate Harry Potter. They detest any form of witchcraft, which they consider to be the tool of the devil. Evangelicals are not only forbidden from seeing the movies; they usually actively campaign against them, discouraging other more moderate Christians from going. I can only imagine their reaction now that Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) has come out as an atheist.

Radcliffe describes himself as a big fan of Professor Richard Dawkins, so the kid is alright in my book. I hate to admit it, but I’m also a fan of the movies (although I don’t read much fiction, so the books aren’t really of any interest to me), and I’m looking forward to watching the latest one. I think it’ll be even more fun now that I know Daniel doesn’t believe in God.

(props Atheist Revolution for the find)

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    Usually any time the christians protest a movie, I’m the first in line to see it. That’s the real reason I ever gave the harry potter books and movies any attention and then I became a fan!

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    It probably was all those retards accusing such an innocent book/movie that made him into an atheist, wonder what effect this had on his fan base.

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    I always like hearing when celebrities are openly atheist. I think it’s important that atheists are prominent in all aspects of culture. But in this case he’s European, so is anyone surprised?

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    Mark Lawsford

    i think that christians dont even think it satanic they just pissed cuz they have no lives i mean im christian i love Harry Potter i grew up with it i have all the books (read em all) in display cases on a shelf i cant wait for 7th movie i also hear their gonna make a TV series of Harry’s Son…..which i will watch….alot

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    I knew there was a reason I had a crush on this guy when I was younger.

    Dude, that’s awesome.

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