Magic man done it!

When you take ‘Intelligent Design’ and boil it down, this is what you get as an explanation: magic man done it!

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    C. David Parsons

    The Quest for Right traces the dynasty of Jesus back through the pages of the Bible to the first man Adam. The exhaustive effort proves to the dismay of geologists that the earth was created on September 13, 4007 B.C. The study details the genealogy of Jesus with such profound logic and historical detail that every mouth will be stopped.
    The genealogy of Jesus is made possible by incorporating two previously unknown bellwethers situated in the Bible; the bellwethers led the investigation across two bridges in time that would have otherwise been unbridgeable.
    The dynasty of Jesus transports the reader (1) from the accretion of the earth from a watery nebula to the creation of the new heavens and earth; (2) from the creation of the dinosaurs to the demise of the hapless creatures, as recorded in the Bible; (3) from the time of Noah’s flood to the future destruction of the earth by fire; and (4) from the dedication of the earthly house of the Lord to the dedication of the true temple, Jesus. The project is so authoritative that all previous works on the subject will necessarily have to be revised. More at

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    Hilarious. I love this guy.

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    @C. David Parsons:

    Can you cite sources outside the Bible and the Christianity Faiths, or those that have a bias interest in Christian version, that the world was created on September 13th, 4007 B.C.E.? You don’t? Well guess what…It proves that you sir are an idiot.

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