Now there’s a billboard!

You could spend your money building three seperate billboards trying to prove to Americans that terrorism is bad, America is great, and Jesus wants you to save babies, but why do that when you can combine all three and save a bundle! It’s a testament to the ability of human beings to simplify complex moral issues into simple dichotomous messages like “either you support America or you support terrorist”. No, life is not that simple, and for the record, your Jesus kind of looks like a child molester. No offense.

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    And they don’t know where to use apostrophes either. Good one. Get a grammar check next time christards.

    “Hero’s” ?

    I mean noone caught that ?

    And how about a font which lets you drop the tail of the “g” in “flight”.

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    The Mother

    And yet, their god didn’t teach them how to spell heroes.

    So sad.

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    Jacob Fortin

    I can’t criticize. my spelling is awful.

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    According to the calls made by the passengers on flight 93, they were praying to that Jesus guy to save their lives… but I think god was answering to the name “Allah” on that flight.

    And, sure… Jesus supposedly gave up his life… but not really, because then he got to live happily ever after in judgment of gods lesser children as part of gods “divine plan”…

    Does religion make you stupid or are the stupid just drawn to religion. Nothing about this sign is coherent.

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    Awesome! Anybody know where that photo was taken?

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    Yes hideous grammar on top of everything else. Although @Gib you need to watch your language as well.

    And why the heck are you putting spaces at the end of sentences before the punctuation?

    It’s ‘I mean no one caught that?’
    Not ‘I mean noone caught that ?’

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    Moronic trifecta! One billboard serves as documented proof that they’re delusional, hateful and illiterate.

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    Richard Feinburg

    OMG, Christians will do anything to get Jesus known. I bet FoxNews will not talk about this.

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    Infinite Monkey

    You’re missing the tie that binds-Either you’re against abortion, or you’re a terrorist.

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    Flight 93 – born terrorists gave lives to take lives.

    Do the math. 4 terrorists killed 40 other people. If only those 4 terrorists had been aborted, we could have saved those 40. The potential argument goes both ways – the average aborted fetus could have gone on to be a great hero, or it could have been the next Hitler. More likely, it would have been somewhere in between.

    Of course, it’s tasteless to exploit the tragedy in this way – to tie it to whatever political cause you have. Horribly tasteless. They are also implying that all the passengers who died were Christian, which may not be true.

    How about this? “Flight 93 – one dead Jesus, didn’t save anyone.”

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