Medical Miracle? She was on Chemo!!!!

So, this women is on chemotherapy and has surgery to remove her tumors. They luckily didn’t return, and she is cured. While her doctors were busy using science to save her life, she’s given a disgusting old finger bone of some obscure dead priest by friend, and suddenly, we’re supposed to forget the fact she was being treated for cancer and believe a divine miracle saved her. So while the real story is we have another brilliant victory for science, these morons focus on her creepy necklace. Surely her survival must be the work of God! After all, he wouldn’t want this obviously brilliant woman to join him in his magical Funland just yet.

Great job Fox News in proving once again you have no journalistic credibility whatsoever.

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    Thomaz Zanetti

    This is ridiculous.
    Its a fallacy called “Post hoc argumentunm”


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    So sad how millions living in a modern society are still stuck on primitive practices like carrying around bones of dead people

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    Well, her doctor did pretty much tell her that she was going to die despite the chemotherapy – I think it was supposed to be palliative care rather than actually therapeutic. That’s what I understood from the news articles, anyway.
    ‘Post hoc, ergo propter hoc’ is still a logical fallacy, of course, but I feel bad critiquing a little old lady who was lucky enough to get a ‘miraculous’ reprieve from death…

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    There’s no such thing as palliative chemotherapy. They don`t treat you if there’s no chance of survival.

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