Booyashaka, creationists!

Surprisingly enough, Ali-G has probably the best answer for the question of our primate ancestry: Have you ever eaten a banana? I did, and I fucking LOVED it.

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    SBC is really a profound thinker when you look at his body of work in the right light.

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    I think the Northern accent makes it all the more AWESOME. Then he goes on to convolute Homo Sapens with homo sexual? Win.

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    I love how they think he’s the idiot when he’s pulling one over on them.

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    Do you like fish sticks? You’re a gay fish!

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    This kinda stuff is so great because it’s hard to watch. Your in on it, but your still embarrassed for the guy. That’s controlling you audience, and getting people interested. It’s a subtle art.

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    I love that evolution isn’t good enough for Hovind, but he’s more than okay with calling himself a Homo Sapiens. Idiot!

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    I love Sacha Baron Cohen. “Is there techmologies that you won’t use?”

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