Happy Canada Day

Now, I am no patriot. Although I’m happy to be a Canadian, and I love where I live, I feel no real need to wear the colors of my country of birth and proclaim the first of July a special day. I understand why some choose to, and I don’t usually make too much of a fuss if others around me feel the need to celebrate. But consider for a moment the idea that nationalism may be a serious barrier to the future progress of mankind. It allows us to create an arbitrary and artificial vetting process for who we consider to be worthy of our full protection and help. I’m supposed to believe I should care only of Canadian matters and affairs, but considering the population of my country is less than 30 million, I find little interest in caring for so few people. There is, after all, another 6.738 billion people to worry about as well, many of whom were not as fortunate as me to be born in such a rich and prosperous country.

To those who disagree with me, and who love Canada, I say party to your heart’s content. I accept the fact that to decry patriotism as the bane of human existence is probably not the most popular of opinions, and it’s doubtful you would agree with me on this matter. I await the day when we celebrate our humanity rather than our nationality, but I have to be realistic about such a possibility. Until then, I shall see this and every other 1st of July as just another date on the calendar.

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    Excuse my ignorance, I’m from the UK but what is Canada Day the celebration of? Is it like Americas Independence Day or an excuse to get drunk like we use St. Patricks Day? Etc.

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    It always bothers me when there’s a major accident; plane crash, bombing, etc… that the first thing we hear is how many canadians died. Example: Yemenia Flight 626 that crashed recently had one canadian on board. It’s tragic for her and her family but there were 142 other passengers on that plane that deserve our sympathies as well. Why should knowing that there was a canadian onboard make it more “newsworthy”?

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    Canada Day is a day to celebrate the fact that we’re not Americans 😉

    All kidding aside, Jacob – if nationalism is the bane of human progress, then how do you reconcile Europe, the birthplace of nationalism, setting aside their differences and forming one of the most progressive places on the planet, the European Union?

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    Jacob Fortin

    It’s entirely a financial motive. They all still hate each other, lol.

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    Love of country and a love for humanity in general are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

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    You don’t have to be a super-patriot to like beer and fireworks, do you?! I love Canada day!

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