Pat Condell agrees with me about the Burqa

I like Pat, and I like him even more now that he agrees with me about the issue of banning the burqa. Yes, I know, many of you still feel that it’s a ‘slippery slope’ to do this, but remember this is itself not a fair argument. We ban Sharia law (well, the parts that don’t match our laws, anyways), but that doesn’t mean we have become more repressive as a result.

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    Love Pat. I often wish I had the “Singular” network behind me with the “can you hear me now?” guy, only my personal network was filled with hand-picked scientists and comedians I could just yell for when the need arose. Pat would be in my little mob, for sure.

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    That’s Verizon, not Cingular. That said, I could use such a network myself….

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    I stand by my argument on the Ep. 54 thread and hope you’ll address it there or on the next show.

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    I would like you to address that fact that many women wear the Burkha by choice. They would be upset if you BANNED it.

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