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I don’t know how many of these movies lying, deceitful fundamentalist Christian jackasses are going to keep making, but I’m personally sick of these morons thinking that have any idea what they are talking about. Would Darwin be disappointed at the evidence for his own theory? Not bloody likely. Evolution is one of the most rigorously tested scientific theories in the world, but you wouldn’t know that listening to these fucking liars.

I say for every shitty documentary they make about evolution, we make one about the bullshit claim that a 2000 year old dead Jew is the son of God. Who’s with me?

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    It’s too bad the fundies feel their “omnipotent space god” needs defending from us mere mortals. It’s also too bad that most of us in the pro science camp wouldn’t stoop to outright disinformation, it makes us easy targets.

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    What’s interesting is that you cannot tell from this clip whether they are for or against Darwin. The idea hidden in a single comment that Darwin would be “disappointed” with the evidence presented is simply too subtle to “give away” the point of view of the producers of the film. Why be deceptive in this way?

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    i want to do a documentary on all the dishonesty and quote mining in religiously biased documentaries.

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