It’s hard to be a bigot these days!

It must be a tough time for homophobes. It’s become dangerously unpopular to hold ‘controversial’ views on homosexuality these days. The aging baby boomers must be absolutely terrified we’ve all gone insane or something by allowing equal rights to gays and lesbians. Why in their day, you kept those people quiet, afraid, and repressed! If one of your family members was gay, you would keep that shit a secret. If you didn’t know how, well, you could always go learn a thing or two about keeping things suppressed from the Catholic Church.

Fast forward to today’s modern and tolerant society where it’s getting hard for homophobes to get by. Just imagine this British councillor’s surprise when he was suspended from his job for a year after saying that

…homosexuality is a demon which can be driven out. [It’s] a notorious disability and that…modern culture is [trying] to defend these people from any form of discrimination. Hurray for diversity

Pritchard must have lost his fucking mind. He did start crying and quoting the Bible, so presumably he’s not a happy camper about the state of affairs in today’s modern society. In fact, he’s not the only one flipping out about all these new found rights gays seem to be gaining. Even Ireland (where the Catholic church still has the power to suppress information that would identify child molesters in their own organization) has recently granted legal rights to same sex couples this Friday. To make matters worse for bigots, the new Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, is a secularist who is going to amend ‘hate speech’ laws in Britain to include sexual orientation, as well as evict all the Bishops from the House of Lords.

The ones really losing their minds here are conservative Christians around the world. It’s becoming increasingly hard for them to actively discriminate against gays. The UK government has already said adoption agencies are not allowed to deny homosexuals the right to adopt, and as a result, a number of Roman Catholic adoption agencies have severed their ties with the Church. And now they are further marginalizing religion’s role in government. It’s getting to be almost impossible to gay-bash these days!

This whole affair just goes to show how slow and painful change is when you allow religion to be heavily involved in society. Whether it’s a new development in science that they want to suppress or destroy (stem cells, anyone?), or a minority who wants to be treated the same as everyone else, religion is always there to actively discourage progress and change. Are we done with these clowns yet?

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    Proofreaders rock.

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    Being a bigot is really getting difficult.
    Can’t discriminate against blacks, bad mouthing Jews is frowned upon.
    Now I cant do gays!! what next???
    They’ll start making dumb blond jokes hate speech!!
    Or no more ‘white men can’t jump’ statements.
    What’s a bigot to do???
    Got it!!!! Move to Iran!!! Become a religious leader and then I can bad mouth anyone!!!!

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