CNN interviews preacher who performed a gay exorcism

You know, I’ve personally always been fascinated by the false charity some of these churches offer. They pretend to welcome everyone to their fold, but the reality is if you don’t follow their instructions to the letter, you are deemed to be a sinner and unworthy of salvation. Her own words: “We welcome anyone in our church, all we’re saying that we do not like the lifestyle of a man with a man, or a woman with a woman”. That doesn’t actually sound very welcoming lady!

I hate the way that CNN reports on this kind of story. They aren’t doing their job as a news organization. She is clearly making homophobic claims, but all they do is let her talk nonsense for 8 minutes without calling her out. Weaksauce. Also, have you ever noticed how slow CNN is to report on this stuff? TGA posted this video a while ago. I’m telling you; we are ahead of the curve on news here. How scary is that?

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    I found it strange that the preacher guy said, “I call out MY homosexuality…”

    Maybe he’s got one of those freudian slip demons. Nasty.

    We have to take this for what it is.. a recovering drug addict with a loose grip on proper english that understands simple concepts like spirits and demons being the explanation for various human phenomenon. At least they aren’t setting him on fire.

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    Þundur Freyr

    ho-ly steaming shitballs.

    you sane peopel sure got your work cut out for you there in the americas

    what a bunch of fucking lunatics you got… really!

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