Men get amputated in Somalia for stealing phones and guns

Whenever you hear the words ‘Sharia’ and ‘Court’ uttered in the same sentence, you can bet something fucked up is about to happen. In Somalia, a radical Muslim group known as al-Shabaab has seized control over much of southern Somalia, and they have instituted Sharia Law in that region. Yesterday, 300 onlookers, mostly women and children, watched on as 4 men had their right hands and left feet amputated for stealing some phones and guns.

Somalia’s government is rapidly losing ground in the country, and al-Shabaab is poised to continue to gain more control. Their followers are dedicated and hardened combatants, all supremely dedicated to their goal of defeating the ‘enemies of Islam’; anyone, in other words, who doesn’t share their fundamentalist views.

Onlookers watched as the men screamed for help while their limbs were chopped off, and witnesses refused to comment on what happened, presumably too frightened to say anything. The accused had confessed to their crimes, but the fact they had no lawyers or representation makes me think these confessions were probably coerced. Hey, when you’ve already sharpened all your unsanitary knives in preparation for an amputation, you can’t have anyone being found not guilty, can you?

Somalians are accustomed to a much more reasonable and peaceful version of Islam, but it looks like the fundamentalist bullies are trying to turn the country into another radical state. This is the real ‘War on Terror’ here; a country’s population is being held hostage by maniacs who think cutting off a man’s hands for stealing is appropriate punishment. Things in Somalia are going to get worse before they get better.

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    fuck alshabab ana waso alshabab

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    El shabaab,remember that God is the only one who gives and takes life.Why do you do so to you brothers?.thieves have been there since the start of earth,beside that u are also the big theives who hijack ships.pls reapend.

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    The quastion is,don’t they see themselves that they are the international thieves,murderes,rappists and looters?Let them await the Gods agonious purnishment at the end.

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