Glenn Beck`s idiotic special on Biblical prophesy

What was Glenn Beck doing before he started crying like a bitch on national television? Well, he was busy inviting crazy preachers to talk about End Days on CNN. What fun! In this clip, Glenn Beck is asking pastor John Hagee to confirm or deny some of the claims of the return of the 12th Imam, and to try and correlate it with Christian’s favorite fictional character after Jesus: The Anti-Christ. Presumably I think that means they want him to be a Muslim, they would love that!

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    I actually preferred when Beck was relegated to the backwater of Headline Prime. He was in the company of fellow crazies Mike Galanos and Nancy Grace. He’s far more dangerous after his recent move to Fox.

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    For future reference Hagee and Beck should just do up a quick test: “Are you the Antichrist? Find out in 20 Questions or Less!”

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    Bastard Soap

    This is sweetly hillarious, it’s like two dudes speaking solomnly about the problem of underage unicorn pregnancies.

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    Fairytales are so entertaining…but graphic novels are better…

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    How does Hagee know all this stuff, by reading the bible? He has to believe
    implicitly what the bible says. The Bible: a book written by many different men with many different ideas, 1000,s of years ago. Historians have proven that the bible is not even a good history book much less one that should be believed in to the extent it is today.

    If the Bible is wrong about just about everything in it, what happens to
    Christianity? Well,it seems to flourish, and what does that tell you?

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