Two thirds of UK teens don’t believe in God

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that religious traditions are fading rapidly. The Telegraph reports¬†over two thirds of teenagers in the UK don’t believe in God, and 59% of them think religion has a negative influence on the world.

In a time where kids are exposed to a huge array of information, ideas and opinions, religion is now seen as antiquated, outdated, and incompatible with our modern values. These religious institutions are sometimes hundreds, if not thousands of years old. The fact they no longer represent our social mores in today’s society should surprise no one;¬† Bronze Age platitudes are ill equipped to help guide us in the Age of Science and Reason.

I think it’s interesting how many kids have a negative opinion of religion these days. It seems like they are rejecting the old values of their parents. It’s become quite clear modern homophobia, bigotry, and xenophobia is largely the result of the divisive nature of religion. In a world as interconnected as ours, there is no place for these sorts of primitive beliefs anymore.

Now, if only the ‘colonies’ can catch up to this irreligious trend, then we’d be in business…

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    Chalk up one more victory for the cause.

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    I think the same thing is happening in the States, just on a smaller scale. The social pressure in many areas makes it hard for a teen to come out against religion.

    The number of my close friends that have lost their faith while attending college is astounding. Granted, I’m from the North East US, but I’d be surprised if this wasn’t happening in less liberal areas as well – albeit quieter.

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    Damn, can the US just stop embarrassing themselves and catch up to the Europeans already?! Sheesh.

    On a serious note, I think the UK (and the whole of western and southern Europe in general) is many steps ahead of us when it comes to the issue of atheism/agnosticism/secularism. Somewhat of an irony considering how the UK originally had church and state intertwined with one another. It shows that they’re evolving which is awesome to see.

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