Hitchens: why it’s a good thing God doesn’t exist

As we continue our coverage of everything Hitchens, I can’t help but notice how passionate he seems to be on this subject. He sometimes gives me the impression he’s half asleep in some lectures, but I have come to believe this may actually be a result of his heavy drinking rather than any lack of energy on his part. Let’s enjoy the man before his liver becomes pickled, shall we?

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    Pretty sure, from what I saw on The Hour, that he’s given up smoking and excessive drinking. He also experimented with a brazilian wax that “didn’t help much, especially in profile”.

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    Yeah, I’d heard he’d given up the smoking and drinking too.

    What’s more, I imagine one of the reasons he appears to be half asleep at times is because it must be difficult to keep such high energy about a subject he’s had to repeat many, many times.

    We all get fed up of the same old argument we’ve been trying to bang into theists heads; such as:

    - Evolution is not ONLY a theory
    - Hitler did not kill in the name of atheism
    - There are transitional fossils

    Even I get tired of responding to these same old arguments.

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