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Last night Ryan sent me this link, and I thought you guys might also enjoy it. It’s a chart of all the arguments ‘against’ allowing homosexuals to marry. You know, when it’s arranged this way, it makes you realize how petty and pathetic the arguments against gay marriage really are. All of these are actually straight off a variety of Facebook polls, so these are real arguments people are using to justify their bigotry. It makes me sad we are still debating over whether a significant segment of the population is allowed the same rights as the rest of us.

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    I particularly enjoyed the “Why hasn’t god destroyed Canada yet?” bubble.

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    Oh, i have to use this!

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    Allowing Gay marriage would help with the recession. Gay marriage means more weddings, more spending on goods and services associated with weddings, creating jobs, stimulating economy. It’s a no brainer. Gay marriage will fix all the finacial problems in the world (ok that may be a stretch but it couldn’t hurt)

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    save my marriage guy

    Great advice your talking about it so others can know! Will use for sure. But, the trick for me, you have to bring about the environment that first brought you together and also prevent a ton of bad steps we all do at first if you want to save your marriage

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    Limited Company

    People should be able to marry who they want, regardless of their gender.

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    All of this can be answered by saying:
    if your against gay rights and you are a christian you just broke at least 4 of the 10 commandments
    and if you are not against it you probably still break the commandments everyday but at least your not deliberately trying to break 4 of them
    and if your not christian…
    does not matter. nowhere have i seen, in any religion/mythology, any god or goddess say gays and lesbians are not right/ should go to “hell” or their version of hell

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