Richard Dawkins interview with Derren Brown

I love listening to professional charlatans about how they employ their craft. I can understand why some of them dedicate their lives to educating people about what they do. It’s kind of like the first time your apartment gets robbed; you get a small sense of just how crappy some people are. Derren is extremely popular; last time I posted a video, people were still playing it a year later. So yeah, I love Derren Brown.

I wanted to include all six, but for some strange reason, part 3 can’t be embedded.

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    I love Derren Brown. He did this amazing thing where he was blindfolded on the stage and he’d say somebody’s name and where they were sitting. Then he’d guess what questions they were mentally asking him. He got it right and it was so specific, absolutely amazing. I think he disproves all this psychic rubbish by being so much better than they are. Hilariously my mum thinks he’s the charlatan, she thinks he’s actually psychic and just uses the claim he isn’t as an angle to entice skeptics. I thought that was funny.

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    I’ve read his book and watched his specials and tv show. Good guy.

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